Solewant Group, established in the year 2000, is an industry leader, dedicated to providing steel pipes, pipe coating, fabrication, construction, protecting metals and concrete surfaces through our range of product solutions to oil, gas, water, refinery, petrochemicals and allied industries. Our business is built on expert knowledge, outstanding customer service and highest quality work for all the clients that we serve.

As a matter of course, the competitive advantages and differentiators that are achieved through our commitments to customer satisfaction and safety include visibility and transparency throughout operations, continuous improvements being driven throughout the organization, enhanced risk management, heightened employee satisfaction, and a stronger monitoring of processes in line with industry demands--all of which have combined to attract some of the region's and industry’s biggest names over the years.

We assist project owners and clients to save time of project execution and within budget. There is no project too large or small and no place too remote for Solewant to access or handle, when it comes to project delivery.


To provide effective and efficient end-to-end pipe/metals and protection to facilities for the enhancement of assets, life, beauty, humanity, environment and value.


To provide excellent pipe production and industrial coating solutions, manpower training and research, using well-trained coating experts and modern technology to satisfy our clients.


  1. Team spirit
  2. Innovation
  3. Commitment
  4. Integrity


  • Employment generation and training of more engineers in pipe milling and coating services.
  • Encouraging local content technology transfer
  • Higher participation in servicing oil and gas industries. 
  • Save time of project delivery and minimize cost of projects. 
  • Efficient service to our clients.