Solewant Group offers engineering services from feasibility studies through planning and designs to supervision, fabrication, installation, commissioning and facility management. We deploy our highly skilled personnel and best in class Fabrication equipment to various locations for: pipeline and flow line construction, pipeline repairs, mechanical design and construction of steel structures above or below grade. We provide pipe/metals technologies and construction of production facilities, installation/upgrade/ commissioning of crude oil, water and gas process facilities.

Our solutions may be executed as Project Owner funded or turnkey services, in collaboration with our partners. Our personnel with backgrounds in a wide range of engineering specialties represent a wealth of talent and experience in Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Structural Gas and Petroleum Engineers who are available to contribute to the development of our project. Specialists are also available to provide procurement and quality assurance services as required by our clients.

  • Fabrication Pipeline Spools and other Steel Structures
  • Pipeline Construction
  • Domestic integrated Water System and Elevated Tanks
  • A Jetty Design and Installation
  • Fabrication of Storage Tanks
  • Pipe Support and Rack Installation

Our Double Jointing and Pipe Welding System Our Double Jointer System is our equipment group that uses mechanized sub arc-welding processes to join two joints of pipe for shipment to the right-of-way. Because of The high cost base for project owners and contractors during pipeline construction and installation, Solewant Group in partnership with our EU OEM has come up with a solution to provide automated welding and coating for double jointed line pipes. Our pipe coating plant is designed, installed and commissioned to provide coating application for double jointed pipes. Also, With our mobile double joint welding rigs which can be mobilized for offshore and onshore project, overall time and cost of pipeline construction and installation will be greatly reduced.

Construction and Installation of Storage Tanks

The tank and vessel industry consists of boilers, chemical mixing, water storage tanks, other storage, tankers, reactors, water treatment, food preparation, and restaurants.

Our experts have garnered experiences working for top companies in the area of pipe and vessel fabrication. The combination of technology and product know-how, then of course availability of external resources allows our customers to stay ahead of the competition. The processes involved in the pipe and vessel industry require unique solutions for each application. We provide our customers in this area with high up time and short turnaround time. Our large ranges of standard and customized equipment are designed to meet the most rigorous demands of our customers. We can increase our productivity in areas where portable, semi-automated cutting and welding equipment is employed for manual activity by three-fold due to our best in class equipment, tools and technical know-how.

Pressure Vessel Fabrication Services:

The fabrication of a pressure vessel is a detailed and precise process. Immense care is taken to ensure that the quality of the vessel is excellent and that the fabrication meets all the requirements of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC) and global safety standards. However, as per the specifications provided by our client, We fabricate pressure vessels that exceeds the requirements of the ASME Code. For better finishing and quality, a few important design steps must be carried out.