Our Partners

SOLEWANT GROUP is committed to the formation of a strategic, veritable and formidable partnership consortium and alliance with Foreign Technical Partners, such as: 

  • SEALFORLIFE-Canusa CPS of Netherlands
  • Kema Coatings Limited of Canada
  • Icoatek and Ahuemejia of China

The purpose of these alliances is to enhance our participation in the Oil and Gas industries in the world and raise the quality and standards of minor, major and corporate contracts. Additionally, it expands the expertise of SOLEWANT and other Leading oil and gas partners (on EPC Operations) through training, increased resources base and internship. These goals are accomplished through the joint efforts that are determined on a contract-by-contract basis while defining the extent of proportional responsibility of each member.

For us to effectively offer very reliable services to our clients in Nigeria, sub-African region and across the world, SOLEWANT Group has relationships/contract Agreement with most of these EPC Companies.