Nigeria has over the years suffered from inadequate local capacity in the Oil, Gas , Refinery, Water and power Industries particularly in the areas of in-country value addition to and production of Oil and Gas metals and tubular Goods. To address this gap, the Nigerian Content and Monitoring Board (NCMDB) was set up to drive local content and provide direct impetus to the existing Oil and Gas laws and regulations that support local content development. Apart from the benefit to Oil and Gas sector, we offer support in the provision of steel pipe needs of other companies across several sectors and industries thereby creating value addition to the pipe/metals stock in-country capacity and capabilities.

This LSAW line pipe milling plant produces pipes both for large diameter with high yield strength, onshore pipelines and deep water offshore pipelines with high wall thickness in accordance with challenging technical specifications.

The plant is capable of producing a wide size range of products, starting with diameters from 16" up to 56" and wall thickness of up to 40 mm and steel grades X100. The plant has a mechanical expander which is important in the pursuit of perfect geometry. The 18m stroke of high pressure expander not only makes the final geometrical from, but also improves the mechanical characteristics of the pipe. Process reliability is fully guaranteed with non-destructive testing methods; Ultrasonic Testing , X-ray Testing and Hydrostatic Pipe Testing

The Plant Consist of the following:

  • Infeed Unit and Tab Welding
  • A Plate Edge Milling and Crimping Machine Inside and Outside Welding Machines
  • Mechanical Expander
  • Final Non-Destructive Testing
  • Pipe End Chamfering Machine Robotic laser Measuring System
  • A Final Inspection with Weighing and Marking Devices.